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              Jinjiang Zhongdeshun Group Co.,Ltd.(hearafter called ZDS),is a joint-stock group company,which integrate various industrial chains including machinery,casting parts manufacturing,accessories,production,machinery and steel structure products,import and export trade etc.ZDS was founded in Anhai town,Jinjiang City which is one of the 4 famous towns in Fujian Province in January 2000.
              Covering an land area of 135,000 m2,workshops area of 60000 m2,with a total investment of about RMB200,000,000,more than 300 employees,and over 30 people as a professional technical team,ZDS is a large export enterprise with an annual output of 100,000 tons of casting parts.ZDS now has five wholly-owned subsidiaries,which are Jinjiang Zhongdeshun Machinary Co.,Ltd.,Fujian Zhongdeshun Machinary Foundry Co.,Ltd.,Jinjiang Zhongdeshun Steelwork Engeering development Co.,Ltd.,Jinjiang Zhongdeshun Machinary Marketing Center Co.,Ltd.,Sanming Zhongdeshun Machinary Co.,Ltd.,
              ZDS pays much attention to the development of the enterprises,and constantly improve the quality of products,ZDS obtained ISO9001:2008 quality system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification in 2003.Since the establishment of the company,ZDS has obtained the following honors:"ZDS" trademark was granted as Fujian famous trademark and Quanzhou well-known trademark,ZDS was awarded with the honourable title of Creditable Company by Fujian Industrial and Commercial Administration,Quanzhou Municipal Government and Jinjiang Municipal Government.
              After more than ten years of all staff's continuous innovation and development,ZDS has make great progress and leaps.Our automated molding lines reduce production cost,increase efficiency and reduce manufacture period,which can not only make more economic efficiency for both parties,but also have many well-known international enterprises take the initiative to cooperate with us and realize mutual benefits.
              Every honor is a recognition,every step forward is the cohesion of sweater,responsibility and wisdom of ZDS staff,With the honors and progress,ZDS staff should continuously stick to the principles of keeping good quality,improving customers' satisfaction in order to create a more brilliant future.

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